Bonsai in Training

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These are outdoor plants. They shouldn't be kept indoors.

Sorry, we can't ship plants to Hawaii.

All of our bonsai trees are the highest quality possible. We offer several sizes of bonsai trees. Most of our starter bonsai (2 inch and 4 inch pots) are grown by us and are established in their pot, many have been pruned to encourage branching, and all are double checked before they are shipped to you to insure you get the healthiest bonsai starter tree possible.

The larger bonsai trees in training pots are 7 to 15 years old, some older. Many of these older bonsai trees have been wired at least once to start the training process. Some have also been field grown for a few years to develop trunk caliper. They have been pruned at least once a year, some several times a year. They have also been root pruned and repotted to develop nebari and a shallow healthy root system. Our larger bonsai trees in training are perfect for you to start doing the finish styling/wiring and repot into a nice bonsai pot.

We also offer a large selection of bonsai trees. Some are young with a few years of training and perfect for the beginner. Others have been trained for many years. All bonsai trees are high quality, guaranteed to be healthy, and packed with great care to arrive in good condition.